Promises In Poetry

All Original Poetry
By Nancy Marthaler
Nancy Weierke Marthaler
This is our 100 year old house that we lived in for 23 years and raised our four children and my Promises in Poetry was born.  
All poetry is under copyright.  Please leave a donation if you want to copy a poem.  Thank You for your honesty

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 "Promises In Poetry" all original poetry and calligraphy

                   By Poet, Nancy Marthaler 

 Poems about children, poems about God, poems about family, marriage, poems of love, inspirational poetry all here at "Promises In Poetry".   My name is ,  Nancy Marthaler, I am the poet, designer, publisher, calligraphier of my business and original poetry book "Promises In Poetry".  In 1984 I was determined to find a job that I could do yet still stay home and raise our four children.  We lived in a 100 year old house on 16 acres. One day I was reading to our children and watching a big old tree being bent and blown by a blizzard.  All of a sudden a poem came to my mind called "Silent Trees of Strength", a very inspirational poem, and I knew I had tapped something exciting.  God had given me a gift of poetry and an idea to my prayer of staying home.  I knew instantly my business would be called "Promises In Poetry".  I told my husband about my idea and he said "but you've only written one poem".  I knew that there were many more poems and so I believed in this dream and it developed into a very profitable business in which I was able to do at home. 

I love to combine my poetry with other art medias.  Like I use calligraphy and paper cutting to enhance my matted, framed verses.  
Here is a all original  "Fruits of the Spirit" Still Life, wool tapestry.  The design, coloring with wool, 2 ft X 3 ft tapestry is from my imagination.  It took me a year to finish.  I started out with Monks Cloth stretched on my Frazier Floor Frame and an Idea and it developed into this brightly colored, lovely piece.  

Love Is to Show by Nancy Marthaler
Being afraid to show our love
Is like closing the door on God above.
His main purpose for us, we know
Is to not hide love, but let it show.

Buried beneath our cluttered thoughts
Are treasured feelings that are caught,
By old voices that have often said,
"Don't take this risk. Be safe instead."

But what is a gain compared to a lose?
Look what was won from Jesus' cross.
Sometimes to love means to sacrifice.
With rewards that outweigh the price.

We're to carry out what Jesus started.
Be caring and loving and not cold-hearted.
Doors to our hearts need to open to oters.
Strange or familiar, we are all brothers. @nancy

This is a picture of me sitting on our window seat in our old house.  This picture was taken for a newspaper article that was written about me and my poetry.  I was a young mom with four beautiful children. A passion to remind the world to love and cherish every child and to love God.

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All poetry and artistry is under copyright.  No duplicating or copying without leaving a donation or getting permission from nancy marthaler. Thank you for your honesty.